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Colombia Personal Profile: Edwin Giraldo from Sara Elliott on Vimeo.


Edwin Giraldo Ruiz is a Colombia Journalist who started off it the world of sports and never thought he’d see himself in Washington D.C.; doing politics. Every morning he gets up and his day gets started with this little machine that allows him to call his home country and report back to them what is happening in the United States that has an effect on them. He never thought he’d be “swtichching from sports to poitics,” Ruiz says.


After being in the city for a while he said he “fell in love with Washington and called [his] boss to ass if he could stay and work there,” he says. While, of course, his boss said yes, the company he worked for didn’t have enough money to pay for a D.C. Correspondent, so he was working journalism for free. And I guess that’s why everyone on the street tells us that if we want to be journalists, we better be prepared to be poor. So at night, Ruiz would go to work at a restaurant so he could stay here doing what he loved, being a correspondent for those back home and still making money to stay in the city he had fallen in love with.

We asked him what the Colombian people and nation were bringing back to the U.S. culture and he says a lot of that has changed in the last two decades. During the 1990′s, many drugs were being transported back and forth between borders which made Colombia look like a troubled country who’s government has lost control of its people

But over the past six years, many things have been turned around and “Colombia has experienced a great change,” Ruiz says. And when he talks about Colombia experiencing a great change, he means “precisely distribution,” he says. ¬†The largest Colombian populations are in New York and Miami where they have “established real Colombian communities and are making real Colombian products,” Ruiz says.¬†Walking around these cities, Ruiz says that you will see “arapnet” which means old generations and former Colombian general Alvaro Uribe who no longer works with the Colombian banks and is helping to improve Mexico’s new government who Ruiz is very proud of because “he is a great leader.”

Ruiz expects to spend at least for more years in the United States so he can get a Master’s Degree in Lating American Studies and would like to see a much wider sense of the Colombian people be proud of their Colombian heritage and to start exporting their resources with good results.”


By: Sara Elliott