About the Project

The Hispanic Link Diaspora Project is the brainchild of Hispanic Link founder and managing editor Charlie Ericksen.

In the spirit of the Link itself, Charlie has long felt the many hues of the US Hispanic population have been ignored, and regional and cultural differences have been drowned in the blanket term “Hispanic Vote.” And in this election year, those differences can shape how the nation’s largest minority votes.

So when the nation’s leading media experiential program, the Washington Media Institute, and its director Amos Gelb, came calling to see whether there was project on which the Washington Media Institute’s students and the Hispanic Link could collaborate, the answer was already waiting.

This website and all the content is the result of this collaboration, and hopefully the launch pad for a more insightful conversation about what “Hispanic” means in America and the contributions the various populations have made to US culture.

The goal of the project is to start to identify and separate those characteristics that immigrants from each of the individual regions contribute to the United States.

For this first stage – four countries and one territory were chosen:

Mexico, El-Salvador, Columbia, the Philippines and Puerto Rico.

The Philippines may seem an anomaly but it existed under extended Spanish rule and fell into Charlie’s view of what should be included.

We are grateful to all who have cooperated to make this possible. The credit for the work belongs to the Washington Media Institute students from the Summer 2012 program.

And of course, most of all, to the vision of Charlie.

WMI Summer 2012 students are alphabetically

Atarhe Clarke
Elaine Cromie
Sara Elliott
Eric Gorte
Channing Holman
Kadiatou Kalle
First Name Last Name
Cynthia Martinez
Joanna Merrill
Anna Norris
Matthew Ong
Oriana Pawlyk
Amanda Phillips
Michael Pottebaum
Reina Santa
DJ Valera
Kyron Whittaker